Kit Has Not Arrived Yet?

Are you waiting for mail from PUPS?

All PUPS membership items are available online. There are no mailed items with basic membership.

CD members are mailed one CD in a plastic CD case. All members, including CD Members have online access also.

Received your welcome email, but not your mailed CD?

CD members usually receive their CD via USPS within 2 weeks of their purchase.

If you have received your welcome message but not your CD, and 12 full business days have passed since you placed your order, please email us a copy of your receipt as well as your current mailing address so that we can look up your order, and send a replacement CD.  Be sure to see the payment terms page for more information on CDs lost in the mail and the terms of CD replacement.  You must notify us of the problem within 30 days of placing your order.

Have you not received your kit "Welcome" message with USERNAME & PASSWORD in your email box?

You will need to receive your welcome message before you can log in.  Welcome messages are generally sent within 48 hours after your online payment clears.  All memberships are processed by hand.

Your welcome message is sent to the email address you specified when you made your membership purchase.

Please follow the directions below carefully to request your welcome message be resent.

Your welcome message will generally be processed (by hand) and sent to your email box within 12 hours of your purchase (credit orders) or after your eCheck clears (eCheck purchases).   However, we ask that you allow up to 48 hours for us to process your membership and send out this email.

If you do not receive the welcome message within 24 hours of your purchase,  it's very likely that there is a problem with a junk/spam filter or your email address if you did not turn the spam filter off.  Yahoo users:  100% of our messages will be blocked by Yahoo SpamGuard if you did not turn it off before your order as instructed.

Follow these instructions carefully in order to provide us the information we need to send another copy of your welcome message to you promptly:

PayPal orders

  • Find the PayPal confirmation of your purchase email in your inbox.

  • Review the "To: " email address on the confirmation.  This is the email address your welcome message will be sent to.

  • Look in your spam or bulk folder as well as your inbox.  Many welcome messages from us are accidentally sorted there (especially if your email is hosted with Yahoo) because the message contains links.  After a VERY short period, these messages are automatically deleted with no notice.

  • Turn off all spam filters & programs on your email account.

  • Click the "Forward Message" button on the PayPal Confirmation email message.  You will be forwarding us a copy.

  • Add a message above the PayPal receipt part, saying

    "We have not received our Welcome message for PUPS.  We have turned off our spam filter on this account.  Please resend our welcome message to this email address.  "

  • If you can, add an alternate email address to the message in case there is a problem with your primary email address.  The alternate email address must be hosted with another server (and preferrably not Yahoo or Comcast).

  • Enter your email address in the  CC field so that it will send you a copy of the request.*

  • Enter as the "To:" address, and press send to forward the message.  The message must be forwarded from the same account as your original purchase.

* If you do not receive a copy of the request, then there is a problem with your email box.  Check to be sure your box is not full, and then contact your personal email provider for help.


Did you not receive a PayPal or Google email receipt?

If you did not receive an email copy of your receipt from Google or PayPal at the time of your purchase, it is possible you entered your email address incorrectly.  Please visit Google or PayPal directly to correct your email address and to request a copy of your receipt.

Did you provide an incorrect email address on your order?

Once you receive your welcome message, you can log in and change the address on your account at any time.

If you did not receive your welcome message with login information because you provided an incorrect email address, we recommend you contact PayPal or Google to correct the email address on the order and then have them resend a new order notice to us with the correction.

If you prefer to have us change the email address on your membership, the processing fee is $10 and you must provide us with printed proof of membership and official signed request as listed below.

Please mail a copy of your PayPal or Google original email receipt for membership, including the original email address it was sent to.  Our mailing address is:

130 Lake Ashley Dr
Kingsland, GA 31548

Your mailed request will be discarded if it does not include all of the following for verification & communication purposes:

  • Description of request ("I'd like to have the email address on my membership changed").
  • Your full name
  • Original email address
  • New email address
  • Business name (if applies)
  • Your mailing address
  • A copy of your PayPal or Google receipt with order number & date
  • A check or money order for $10.00, made out to Professional United Pet Sitters LLC
  • Your signature


We will review the information you have provided, and will attempt to contact the owner of the original email address (giving them 10-15 days to respond).

If we accept your request for the change, it will be generally made within 20 days after we receive your mailed request.