How to Choose A Pet Sitter

Choosing the right professional pet sitter can give you the security of knowing your pets are well cared for in your absence.

Our member sitters have compiled the following tips and questions to help you choose a reliable professional pet sitting service that is a good fit for your home and family.


Tips for selecting your pet care provider

  • The pet sitter should be insured for liability, including care, custody, and control of the pet.  You may ask the sitter for the phone number of the insurance provider so that you can call to verify current coverage.
  • The sitter should provide contact information for references upon request.  Do be sure to contact the references.
  • Check with vets, groomers, pet stores, and other area pet businesses to learn more about the reputation of your chosen pet sitting business.
  • Be sure that the sitter provides a copy of the legal terms of your contract, including cancellation policy and other terms.
  • Be sure that you fully understand the pricing of your service. Ask what services are included with the rate quoted.
  • Consider doing a background check on the sitter, or ask if they have any current or past legal issues.


Other factors to consider

  • What kind of pet education and/or certification does the sitter have?
  • Does the sitter know pet first aid?
  • Did the sitter ask many questions during the in-home consultation, and did he/she write down all of the answers carefully?
  • Is the sitter a member of professional organizations, such as pet sitting associations, humane organizations, or other pet care groups?
  • Does the sitter have a backup plan in case of a personal emergency?
  • Is the sitter a full time sitter, or do they have limited availability due to another job or school?
  • Does the sitter have the proper licensing for their area (in some areas a business license or kennel license for boarding may or may not be required).
  • Does the sitter talk positively about other sitters in the area, and seem informed about the industry and other pet care providers?


Final questions to discuss with the sitter

  • Will you have the same sitter serving your home the entire time you are away?
  • Will the sitter be allowed to bring anyone with them to the sits?
  • Does the sitter ever bring children to visits?
  • How often will the sitter leave a note for you logging how the trip is going?
  • Do the sitter's available time periods fit your pet needs? How will your key be stored or returned?
  • Has the sitter cared for your type of pet in the past?
  • Does the sitter accept multiple payment methods (cash, check, money order, etc)?
  • What type of schedule system does the sitter use, and what type of communication do they prefer (phone, email, pet sitting system messaging, texts, etc).