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Daily Business Management Tools

Weekly Schedule Forms

Your calendar, the most prized item you carry around! Be sure to write all cancellations, extra time spent, and notes on here. Be diligent right from day one! It'll really help when you go back to correct billing errors and credit clients later. I even track my daily mileage on my calendar - it really is both the schedule & diary of my daily service. Customize to reflect your busiest/slowest times, and change it as your business grows. Similar appearance to Outlook week style. Excel based.

Daily Schedule Forms

Today’s schedule & notes. Excel

Payment Log Workbook

Keep accurate track of all payments received. Calculates page & workbook totals. Excel

Ledger Log Workbook

Use this simple workbook if you are not quite ready for Quickbooks or Peachtree to track your deposits & expenses. A great alternative to hardcopy logs, or print blanks to use as hardcopies. Excel

Mileage Tracker

Simple worksheet. Excel.


Analysis Tools

Travel Cost Analysis Tools

Very detailed ways to see how much of your earnings is going towards gas and other car expenses. Compare actual gas cost to IRS standard optional mileage allowance based on your car's mpg usage, average miles per day, current gas prices, and more. Excel.

Rate Estimator

Put in how many days per week and hours per day you'd like to work, how much you'd like to make, how much you plan to travel, and other details, and this tool will estimate how much you should charge per visit on average. Great for calculating reasonable but profitable visit prices and travel fees.


Start-Up Business Guides

All About Pet Sitting

All About Pet Sitting is our collection of the best pet sitting advice and information. All About Pet Sitting includes guides for setting up and running your business. It also includes a long list of frequently asked questions, with detailed answers and many web links for finding more information. There is another section with survey results from various online message boards to common pet sitter questions.

How To Name Your Business

Detailed document → specifically for pet sitting businesses. Lists of key Word suggestions and Words to avoid. Links to name lists, trademarked name searches, and more.

Top Marketing Methods for Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Business Beginners

Detailed document → Based on personal experience, research, and surveys of other pet sitters. 7 major marketing tips, followed by over 30 great marketing ideas (most inexpensive and many free), and finished with a spreadsheet you can use to track your marketing work.

Press Release Writing

Detailed document → A great way to get free positive publicity in your local newspapers.

During Sit Detailed Checklist

A detailed checklist of all tasks to do during every sit.

Phone Answering Tips & Selling Point Narrative, and Tips

The best narrative for winning new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Includes answers to questions about:

  • Income Expected ICs (Independent Contractors) instead of Employees
  • Licensing and Permits
  • Insurance, Bonding - including a comparison chart you won't find elsewhere! *** NO INSURANCE is included with membership. NO insurance is available through PUPS.
  • Major Pet Sitter Organizations
  • Pet Sitter Certification
  • Bartering for Services
  • ....And More!

Business Plan Guide

Detailed document → specifically for pet sitting businesses. Blank outline will help you to create a detailed, complete, professional business plan.


Graphics & Clip Art 

Includes icons for your webpages, clip art bullet points, backgrounds for business cards and websites, and more!



PDF books, MS Word documents, and electronic E-Books. 7 Cat books (diets, meals, treats, gift ideas), 2 horse books (homemade sprays and treats), 2 large dog treat books, and a few other items. Includes healthy food lists, tips, gift ideas, recipes for sprays & home remedies. Recipes include full resell rights, so you can distribute to your clients as inexpensive gifts. Or you can start a Pet Bakery side business and make some quick extra cash!


Website Lists

Huge always growing message-board based lists of where to find the absolute lowest online prices, insurance, web hosts/design/templates, business & pet information, pet sitting resources, memberships, support groups, and much more. Save money & time right from the start! And help your new clients save money and find supplies they didn't know existed.

Includes a list of online directories that allow you to list your pet sitting, dog walking, and poop scooping businesses. 


Marketing and Advertising Items

Get a head-start with unique marketing templates and ideas.

Character Clip Art Instructions

Use default system font characters for your clip art and save on printing costs! Doggies, kitties, and more!

Emergency Card Template

Make wallet sized business cards for your clients to carry. It lets emergency personnel know there are pets at home that will need care. Great as gifts - customize with pictures you take of their pets. Excel based, 10 per sheet.

Save Our Pets Template

Make customized "Save Our Pet" cards for your clients to hang in windows or outside their homes in case of fire or other natural disasters. Very pleasing to clients because they include their pet's photos and are completely customized and typed (no need to write on these).

Business Card Templates

Make your own full color Business Cards. Includes front & backside templates, blank and full color designs; MS MS Word or Publisher.

Brochure Templates

Info packed brochures used by our business, included to help spark ideas and provide an outline and information for your brochure. MS MS Word and Publisher.

Magnet Templates

Save money by printing your own magnets. Use "mini" magnets and make up to 15 magnets per $1.00 sheet! At least 2 templates with full color images. Links in Web Links document for purchasing inkjet ready printable magnet paper at about $1 per sheet. Microsoft Publisher format.

News Release

Customize and submit a news release to your local newspapers. Often this results in a free article and personal interview about your new business.

Promotional Signs

Full color signs to hang at businesses. MS Word

Informational Marketing

Items such as "Pet Poisons" summary brochure and "How to introduce a new cat to your current Cats" full document that you can customize and place at humane societies and other pet businesses to spread your name on items people like to pick up and take home, and share with friends & family. MS Word.


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