Horse Buying Checklists, Questions, and Tips

Tips and resources for buying your next horse

Whether you are 'green' and looking to buy your first horse, or a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge, you must prepare yourself prior to visiting a potential new partner.   These lists will help keep you from being swept away by the sight of the equine of your dreams when that "Horse For Sale!" ad calls out your name.

This Excel workbook (click here) contains all of the forms listed below, with one checklist per worksheet.
This workbook (click here) is the same, but is an .xlsx version workbook.

You can use OpenOffice to open the above workbooks for free.


Buy A Horse Questionnaire & Checklist For Seller

This detailed checklist of questions to ask about a horse for sale can be sent directly to the owner, seller, breeder, or broker by email or mail.  This is the detailed form.  It can be filled out as an electronic Excel document, or answered by hand.

Questions for seller:  BuyingAHorseQuestionChecklistSeller.pdf


Buying A Horse Evaluation Checklist For Buyer

This is a printable questionnaire that can be completed by the buyer during the first evaluation of a prospect.   Be sure to bring a pencil!

Checklist for buyer:  BuyingAHorseEvaluationChecklist.pdf


Horse Buying Questionnaire - Short Checklist

This is a condensed 2 page version of the Buy A Horse Questionnaire  & Checklist.   It can be used by buyer or seller.

Short Checklist:  BuyingAHorseShortQuestionnaire.pdf

The above questionairres cover the following aspects of horse shopping in a printable checklist style format:

  • Horse health (eyes, ears, skin, injuries, illnesses, weight)

  • Conformation

  • Behavior, including Vices

  • Training

  • Tack fit

  • Care and Management (food, shelter, herd disposition)

  • Safety and Temperament

  • Contact information of service providers, including vet, trainer, and farrier

  • Appropriateness of horse for desired discipline


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