Welcome to Professional United Pet Sitters


Professional United Pet Sitters (P.U.P.S.) is a community of over 11,000 experienced pet sitting professionals, new pet sitting businesses, and members interested in starting their own pet sitting services.

Here at PUPS our membership fee is under $30.  All of our memberships are lifetime memberships.  All of our memberships include full access to all of our customizable forms and contracts for use with your clients.  It includes all of our guides, marketing items, workbooks and tools.  It includes a listing in the Pet Sitter Directory.  It even includes a few business discounts from partner businesses in the industry.

Note from the Owners, 2023

Since our creation in 2005, most of the pet sitting community has moved to various Facebook forums.  As such, we no longer offer an active message board.  Our group materials are not being regularly updated, so some of the guides and info may be a bit outdated.  Because of health issues, we do not expect this to change. We still feel it is very important to keep the website available for the benefit of our longtime members and the industry.  Please keep these limitations in mind if you wish to join. 

If in the future we ever decide we wish to take the website down entirely, members that have joined will have a minimum of 6 months to download all the membership materials available. 

What is Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking?

Professional pet sitters offer pet owners the advantage of familiar, clean, and safe pet care in their own comfortable home. The pet sitting industry of today offers daytime dog walking services, vacation pet sitting care, pet taxi and transportation, and yard poop scooping services.  A professional pet sitter is someone who has taken care to train, independently insure themselves, and conduct their business with the type of professionalism that you expect from someone who will be coming into your home and caring for your furry family members.

If you are looking for a professional pet caregiver to provide at home pet care for your beloved animals, please use the search box to access our Pet Sitting & Dog Walking directory.

Who can join P.U.P.S.?

Professional United Pet Sitters has one of the most open membership policies of the pet sitting industry. We welcome all, from those who are interested in learning about pet sitting, to those just starting a new business, to experienced pet sitters and business owners.