Professional United Pet Sitters - Start-Up Form Samples

Please Note:

We am the sole designer of these forms.  Every sentence is copyrighted by Professional United Pet Sitters LLC / Young.   If you make, see, or purchase forms on eBay from other sellers that contain any of the sentences in these documents, you cannot legally use them since the information was STOLEN.  There are other good sellers of  pet sitting items in eBay, but there is at least one right now that is being investigated for copyright infringement (they took items from both us, and Microsoft's templates which are free to download for PERSONAL use only!).  Please be sure you do not purchase stolen items, or you could get sued (trust me, I do NOT take theft lightly, even if you "accidentally" acquired my items from other sources you thought were trustworthy!)!  CHECK FEEDBACK before you purchase, and view samples!

Note:  We no longer offer individual templates for sale.  All templates are available in the kit included with membership (as per terms listed) only.

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