Pet Sitter Message Boards

Pet Sitting message boards can be a great place to find options and other pet sitting or dog walking information.  The following pet sitter group message boards currently are active, and moderated:

(Gray is Yahoo style, Pink is PHPBB/Proboard style, Yellow requires paid membership)

Name URL Members Moderation
Professional United Pet Sitters LLC Forum (PUPS) PUPS Members Only Moderated, very friendly. Many Newbies
PetSitterNeeded Directory Members Only Friendly.  Quiet
AboutPetSitting (APS) Approved  Pet Sitters and Newbies  Application Required Moderated, Lively debates welcome.  High Volume, High Membership board.
PositivePetSitting Approved  Pet Sitters and Newbies Moderated.  Very Friendly
PPSU Approved  Pet Sitters Moderated.  Very Friendly
Canadian Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Approved Canadians Moderated.
The Pet Care Network Canadian Pet Professionals Moderated.
PetPro Approved Pet Related Business Members Moderated.  Friendly
Wishbones For Pets Charitable Event Org For Pet Sitters Moderated.  Very Supportive.
USPetPros Anyone can register Moderated.   No Activity
Home Business Forms Pet Care Services Open to Public Moderated.  Quiet.
PetSittingDirectory Anyone can register Very Quiet.

The message boards listed have been chosen because they have a continuing reputation of being moderated, and encourage professionalism in the industry.   The boards listed above have a history of being a safe haven for ideas, debates, stories, tools, and sharing.   These boards generally do not compete against each other, and discourage unethical behaviors such as slander and personal attacks against members, non-members, other boards, and other businesses & industries. 

Each board has it's own style, so we recommend you try out a few and find the one that fits your business best.  You will probably find that that style changes as you grow more confidence in your business, so you may want to check back with the other groups periodically.   Contents of this list are updated periodically.

If you would like to suggest we add your moderated Pet Sitting message board or Dog Walking to this list, please email


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