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Basic Membership includes access to all the features and items listed on the Membership & Kit Information page.  Shipping and handling is N/A as the files will be available for you to download only*

CD Membership includes access to all the features and items listed at Membership & Kit Information PLUS the latest CD.  The CD includes a copy of the same items already available for download.  No other items are mailed with the CD. Handling costs $4.99 for U.S. and most other Shipments (and is already included in the CD Membership price).  Please note, it may take us a few extra days to mail out your CD, and for some reason it may take the CDs 5-20 days to arrive at their destination via USPS. 

Alternative electronic methods may be available (email may be possible if your server supports large messages).

You may upgrade from Basic to CD membership at any time.  The only additional cost is the Handling fee.


Again, please note, shipping and handling is Not Applicable (nothing is mailed) for Basic Membership as all items can be downloaded via online electronic access only. With CD membership, the only difference is that we copy the available online electronic items to a CD for you and mail it for an additional $4.99 (already included in the CD Membership price shown). The method of shipping the optional CD may vary from what is listed as Shipping Information of this listing.   Contact us for International handling charges.

Do You Have More Questions?

We have answered all of the common questions about membership. Just choose the Membership Kit button on the top menu bar.   Then click on the Frequently Asked Questions, and the Get Rich Quick Scheme Concerns topics to read all about PUPS Membership with start-up/forms kit.


By placing an order for membership, you understand and agree to the following legal terms:

Once your membership welcome email is emailed from us to the email address you provide, your membership fee and any handling fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.  We do this to protect the integrity of our intellectual material. 

Functioning Email Address Required
It is your responsibility to provide and maintain a functional, working email address.  You can change your private account email address at any time, but you MUST keep a working email address on your account at all times or forfeit your membership.

Lost CDs
Our CDs are sent out via USPS to the address provided with your payment.  If we provide you with a faulty CD, or you don't receive the first CD, or the post office destroys a CD en route, we may mail out 1 replacement at no cost to you to that same address at our discretion.  You must contact us within 30 days of your purchase to request a replacement CD.  If you don't receive either CD (and you paid for the CD membership), you'll need to send us a postage paid (by you) padded envelop so we can send out a 3rd CD via another service.  We will do our best to get your CD to you promptly, however, we cannot be held responsible if USPS loses more than 2, because we have no proof that you aren't just trying to get extra CDs out of us at that point.  We have only had 1 member as of 10/2012 that has ever had this problem.

Additional Directory Listing Fees
Membership includes a listing in the PetSits.Com Find A Pet Sitter directory. Your membership includes a listing at PUPS, and currently listings in the Find A Pet Sitter directory do not have an annual renewal fee either (they stay up indefinitely, or until you ask for them to be removed). We do reserve the right to add a small yearly renewal fee for everyone in the future if we someday see a need. However we have no pending plans to do that, and have continued to provide free renewals since our organization opened in 2005. Your original membership covers a minimum of one year.

Termination of Membership
Officially when you join PUPS, you are paying for the use of materials in our Start Up Kit (form templates, guides, tools, etc) for use with clients of a pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping, or related pet care business .  The benefits of membership listed (directory listing, use of forum/message board, support, forms, templates, guides, tools kit, email alias, etc) are included with membership, with this strong reservation:

We reserve the right to revoke all or parts of your Membership at any time at our discretion with no refund.  We are likely to do this, for instance ( as an example of, but not limited to)  if you do something we deem to be potentially unethical or illegal, or you no longer have a working email address listed on your private membership profile.  For privacy reasons in reference to pet owners and other pet sitters, we reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time without disclosing a cause.  If your membership is revoked completely you will no longer be able to advertise that you are a lifetime member of PUPS without explicit permission.  Revoked memberships are an extremely rare occurrence.

You may also request to have your membership terminated at any time.  No refund of any type will be issued.  You must provide proof that you own the membership (email us from the current email address on the account, or email your request with a receipt) before changes can be made to it.

Copyright & Redistribution
Items in our Start Up Kit are copyrighted, and may not be redistributed or resold, even if modified or customized to your business.

Start Up Kit items must retain the Professional United Pet Sitters copyright at the bottom of each page in clear 7pt or larger font, even if modified or customized to your business.

Memberships are nontransferable.  If a business is sold, the new owner must purchase a new membership.  You may, however, purchase the membership as a gift as long as the email address on the Private Profile of the account is updated to the recipient's email within 30 days of purchase.

Accuracy and Liability
In no event shall PUPS be liable for any errors or omissions with respect to any information on this site. By joining PUPS you also completely understand and agree to the terms as stated on HERE -> Web Site Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Additional Terms

Multiple Cities and States
Members may list multiple cities in their listing, as long as the cities are adjacent to one another as well as serviced by one office.  Members may list multiple states in their cities field, but the business listed will only be listed under one main state.  We do have plans to change this restriction in the future so that businesses that live on the boarder of multiple states may be listed under each.  

Currently members may list up to 250 characters worth of city names on one listing, each separated by a comma and a space (which must be included in the character count).  The same is true for zip codes.  A member can purchase additional memberships to list additional areas.  Two memberships owned by the same business may not repeat the same city or zip code on multiple listings.

Each separate coverage area (non-adjacent cities) must purchase a separate membership.  You may not advertise a business (or a franchise, or a franchisee) as a member of PUPS on any website that provides services to multiple regions unless each and every region has its own paid membership.  A franchisee or other separate business location may advertise their PUPS membership on their own website, as long as the website is specific to their location only. 

Website links placed in the PUPS directory must not link to a website that services multiple coverage areas.  However, exceptions may be made for francises or offices that have their own region specific webpage within a larger website.  In this case, the link must take the viewer directly to the region specific webpage upon first click.   Contact us directly prior to purchasing if you would like to request an exception.

Professionalism and the PUPS Community
Our members are professionals who strive to help each other and themselves to grow successful pet sitting or pet care businesses.  If you fit that description, please join!  If you do not fully agree to all of these terms, then do not join PUPS.



Most members are processed within 4-8 hours, but it can take up to 24-48 hours to process your membership.  If you don't have your forms all ready for your first client, then you are not ready to do any consultations.  Consider rescheduling any that you do have set up.  You'll want to go over your forms thoroughly, decide on an order to present them in, customize them, practice with them, and know what information to obtain from that first call before you even schedule that first consultation.  It really does pay to be properly prepared.


We highly recommend that you TURN OFF ALL SPAM BLOCKERS on the SERVER (not just on your PC's email program/Outlook) on your email account BEFORE YOU ORDER and until you receive our welcome message.  Our welcome message includes important login information (including username & password), and spam blockers often delete all messages from us as spam with no notice to you. 

If you cannot turn off your spam blocker, before placing your order be sure to change the default setting of your email program to NOT automatically delete spam for at least 7 days.  Then check your spam/bulk/junk folder daily after placing your order.

The following services often filter our welcome messages as spam/junk/bulk mail:

  • SbcGlobal/AT&T
  • -
  • Comcast
  • AOL
  • Earthlink - You must turn off spam checkers that require us to fill out another form to send you an email.  We will not respond to approval requests.


Be sure to provide a working email address with your order.  We recommend you send yourself an email before you order to make sure your address hasn't been "temporarily disabled" because it is full.


We recommend that you consider adding to your address book / whitelist before you order.




We accept Credit Cards via PayPal, PayPal Account Payments, EChecks via PayPal, Checks, Money Orders, and Cashiers Checks.

For the fastest access (usually under 24-48 hours), pay with a credit card via PayPal.    

If you instead pay via Regular Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check, or PayPal from a Checking Account (eCheck), please allow 3-5 weeks for processing.

PAYPAL- Click either button to pay now.

***We highly recommend using PayPal!  It is fast, easy, and FREE***

First, turn off or turn down your email spam filters until you receive your welcome email message.

Basic Membership - $29.94   CD Membership - $34.93

You may use a credit card online via PayPal.  It's free to pay via PayPal. 

You may instead pay for your membership via a PayPal eCheck.  A PayPal eCheck will be treated like a regular check.  Almost always, eChecks clear within 4-7 days and your membership will be processed at that time.  But theoretically eChecks can take up to 4 weeks to clear.

Credit Card

If you do not have a PayPal account, and do not wish to create one, you can still choose to pay via credit card.  To pay with a credit card without joining PayPal, click one of the PayPal buttons above.  Then click "Don't have a PayPal Account".

For security purposes and your peace of mind, we do not take credit cards directly.  Please use PayPal  above to pay via credit card.

Mailed Check or Money Order

To pay via Check, Money Order, or Cashiers Check, you can send you payment (plus by-mail handling surcharge) to:

Professional United Pet Sitters LLC      

(Make check out to this name)

S31 W37515 School Section Lake Rd

Dousman WI 53118-9504 

  • Turn off your spam filters and leave them off until your welcome message arrives in your email box.

  • Include a valid, tested email address with your order.  Your membership kit will be emailed.

  • For Basic Membership via check or money order, the total cost with surcharge is $35.00

  • For CD Membership, the total cost including surcharge is $39.94, and be sure to include your full mailing address with your order

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your order via Check or Money Order.  People send fake payments via mail, so we are required to cash the payment, wait 1 week for the payment to clear, and then wait another 2 weeks to see if the payment is reversed.  We highly recommend using PayPal to send a credit card payment instead, but we understand if you are more comfortable using paper-based payments.



After your membership is processed by hand, you will be sent a detailed email with instructions on how to LIST YOUR BUSINESS yourself in the Professional United Pet Sitters Directory, how to access and DOWNLOAD all materials available (forms, tools, documents, information, etc), and how to ADVERTISE AS A MEMBER of PUPS. 

Still have questions?  Feel free to email us.  We read email very often!    

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