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To keep everything simple for us to manage on a small budget, and affordable for you to join, PUPS offers two simple pet sitter association membership options with no renewal fees.  

  • The Basic Membership option includes everything listed on this page through online access for $29.94

  • The CD Membership option is a Basic Membership PLUS a mailed CD containing another copy of the online Library files (forms, templates, etc)  for faster file access (no waiting for items to download).  The cost is $29.94 + $4.99 for shipping/handling.

Again, the fee you pay is a one-time fee for lifetime membership ***.

We accept Credit Card / Paypal, Check, or Money Order.  Other payment options may also be available. 

*Terms do apply.  See Join Now! page for details.

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Learn how to start a pet sitting business today, and gain great new dog walking, pet sitting, poop scooping, & pet taxi clients now!!!

One Low Membership Fee includes ALL of the following!

  • Public business listing on the "Find A Sitter" Directory.
  • Membership to our Forums & Links Boards. 
  • Significant discount on independent pet sitting insurance***
  • Special coupon codes offered by other independent businesses
  • An email forwarding alias of your choice
  • Free Consultation or Form Customization / Logo insertion.
  • All of the Guides, Forms, and items listed below:

Your membership also includes all these professional pet sitting / dog walking business start-up items & more!

  • Professional, Completely Customizable Pet Sitting / Dog Walking / Pet Care Business Forms & Marketing Materials
  • Budgeting, Mileage, Financial, Estimating, and Scheduling Tool Workbooks
  • Pet Sitting Information - Marketing, Website, Startup, and other Guides with the answers you've been looking for!
  • List of 150+ Pet Service Directory listing sites (most listings free!), and other money saving pet supply links.
  • Pet Recipes-Share with clients, or add Pet Bakery Items to your business!
  • Optional web-ready SERVICE REQUEST cgi/html document. Customize, Upload to your web host, and get full requests via email!!!!
***New benefit starting in 2014: Pet Sitters Associates LLC (PSA) has graciously offered all PUPS members a significant discount on pet sitting insurance.

Pet Sitters Associates LLC is one of the most comprehensive pet sitting insurance providers available in the USA. Professional United Pet Sitters LLC is not affiliated with Pet Sitters Associates LLC, and does not get any commissions or compensation from them.

With this discount alone, your Professional United Pet Sitters membership pays for itself in as little as 2 years!

NO strings attached!

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Basic Membership:  $29.94      CD Membership: $34.93

Pet Sitter & Dog Walker Business Listing and Online Services

Directory Listing
Membership includes a listing in the PetSits.Com Find A Pet Sitter directory.  It often costs $35-$120 or more to list yourself on other directory services, and that cost is yearly.   Your membership includes a listing at PUPS, and currently listings in the Find A Pet Sitter directory do not have an annual renewal fee either (they stay up indefinitely, or until you ask for them to be removed).  We do reserve the right to add a small renewal fee for everyone in the future if we someday see a need.  However we have no plans to do that, and have continued to provide free renewals for over 5 years.  Your original membership covers a minimum of one year.

Email Alias
Membership also includes an email forwarding alias of your choice, as long as no one else has already chosen the same alias.  The alias will forward all email sent to it to any email address you choose.  So if you have a goofy email box, named something like "", you can set up a forwarder, such as "" and give that to your clients to use.  All your email will be forwarded to "" for you.  If you ever change your email box (for example, you no longer use Road Runner as your internet service), you can request your forwarder be changed to point at your new address.  Your clients will never know there was a change!  Note: As of January 2010 we no longer recommend using forwarders for your business because of SPF checking used by some major email hosts.  However, we are still happy to offer them!

Membership to our group includes membership to the very busy message board community, with over 9400 other members (as of June 2014).  Here we post our latest tips, new research, and answers to pet sitter questions.  You'll find information on your forms, marketing practices, pricing tips and more.  You are also welcome to post options, questions, suggestions for the purchased items, and more.  This is a great group of friendly pet sitters.  You can post your questions, and we as well as members of the group will answer with experience, research, and opinions.

Your purchase also includes a free consultation and ongoing support - just ask a list of pet sitting / dog walking related questions on the message board and we will answer them with the information we've gathered from reading hundreds of pet sitter message board posts, personal experience, books, and from talking with experienced sitters at pet sitter group meetings.
...Or, use your time to have us make a modification to a couple of forms for you (or to help you learn how to do it) - perfect if you just can't get your logo to fit in the space allotted and don't know how to resize it!  Your consultation is available for up to 1 year after your purchase - so use it whenever you need it most. Consultation includes up to 30 minutes worth of our professional's time. General form & product questions, of course, will be answered at any time outside of this consultation also. We truly aim to please, and have made many new forms & extensive form modifications per user requests for no extra charge. Your input helps us make our items  better for all users.

Startup Kit Information (also included with membership)

The Professional Pet Sitter Start-Up kit was put together by the Young family, the founder of Professional United Pet Sitters LLC.  We are professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers who started and owns a professional pet sitting business. In our first year, we created all our own advertising and business forms based on other forms used by sitters nationwide. Our first year of business, we did not lose a single new lead to the competition after an initial consultation. At our first local pet sitter meeting, we were shocked to learn that other newbies in the area (4) averaged 8 total clients, while we had approximately 78.  It sounds ridiculous but we had over 9x more clients -  and all good, prompt paying customers!

What is the key to this type of success? We put hundreds of hours into making and continuously updating custom professional looking forms, advertising, and business strategies. Having very detailed, but compact forms helps lead us through initial interviews with confidence and effectively used time. These forms also make actual pet sits go smoothly, and help us avoid any problems with communication or missed details. Even though we are both shy people, confidence and completeness have been the #1 sellers of our service. Most clients comment on their surprise at all the things they wouldn't have thought about, and how impressed they are at the detail in our forms. By the time we pack up to leave initial interviews, clients feel that they really do not have worry while they are away from home.

We are now offering this membership for sale at a low price because we want every pet sitter to be able to afford to be properly equipped do the best job possible, without having to reinvent the wheel.  Customers must know we are professionals, and that we can't be compared to hiring the teenager down the street.  The better our industry functions and looks, the more people will seek out pet sitting businesses - increasing business for everyone (including us!).  Professional forms are the #1 key to this professionalism. And saving the time creating your own forms to instead care for your clients is a priceless advantage over other beginners.

We don't offer any "additional items" or "additional services" or "additional information" for sale for an extra fee once you sign up (except some t-shirts and other similar items available through Zazzle & Printfection). 

Your membership purchase includes well over 50 different items, many of which are described below.   There are 2 or more different versions of many documents, so that you can pick the one that fits your business best to get pet sitting right away.

Initial Consultation / Meet & Greet Forms    -   click on underlined items to preview the design of some items!

These are your most important items when used in conjunction with the Ongoing Service Forms below.  They are built to be concise, flowing, and detailed.  Your clients will love not having to fill out the same information on multiple sheets like they often do with other services.  You will love being easily guided through initial interviews by the format of these items.  If you put these together in one big file, you'll be ready to print a last minute new client consultation pack in one easy step!

Contact Information Completed during the initial consultation. Includes personal contact information, as well as emergency contacts. 1 page, print on back side of Home Guide to save paper. 3 formats included: HTML, Word, and Excel.

Contact Information Cards Optional alternative to using the Contact Information form.  Formatted for printing on 5 X 8.5 “ cards for filing. Print on different colored cards to sort by area, or visit lengths. 1 side, Word based.

Legal Considerations Agreement Outlines legal Considerations, terms, insurance info, refund policy, and additional charges. 2 pages, Word based.

Veterinarian Release Agreement Signed by the client, in case pet requires emergency medical care. 1 page, Word based.

Home Guide Allows client to give detailed information regarding care of their home, entry instructions, trash collection, plant care, locations of important care items, snow removal, and more. 1 page. 3 formats included: HTML, Word, and Excel.

Pet Information Allows client to give detailed information regarding each pet you are to care for. Details animal’s temperament, medical history, feeding instructions, play requirements, containment, and more. Also includes vet contact information (as Vet can often vary pet to pet or species to species). Main versions are 2 Pages (alternate version available in more detail - 3 pages). A separate version is included specifically for Livestock, including Horses. Word based.

Rates Sheet → Includes visit descriptions, travel pricing information, important terms, and cancellation terms. Word based.

Initial Consultation Guide → A one page initial consultation preparation checklist, followed by 2 pages of detailed instructions to guide you through an entire Initial Consultation (also sometimes known as a Meet and Greet, or Booking Interview). Learn the steps to be confident and win the job every time, from day one. Word based.

Ongoing Service Forms  -  Simple for clients to fill out, and built to impress and gain return clients for future service

Service Request (Pet Sitting & Dog Walking)→ Completed by the client each time service is requested. Outlines all the tasks to be completed and the special "while you are gone" contact information. Also calculates the fees for service when HTML or CGI version is used in Internet Explorer. 1 page, recommended version is HTML based. Also, A CGI version is ready for customization and uploading right to your web server for online use. Word, PDF, HTML, or CGI

Specialized separate Service Requests are also included for Pet Taxi Services, Poop Scooping, Doggy Daycare, and Boarding.

Service Request Notes: The Service Request form is available in a few different versions, including a Word version, an HTML version, and our newest addition - a web ready cgi version of the Service Request that can be uploaded to your web server. Test a fully functional and available SAMPLE now! Have your clients submit detailed requests via the web, and do without the hassle of playing phone tag for the missing information common to call in requests.

Use of the functional online Service Request form requires that your website be hosted on the more common type Unix/Linux server (not Windows hosting).  You will also need a web host for your website that supports CGI/PERL and the common PERL sendmail function.  We'll even do all the work of minor customizations and uploading for you if you prefer.  The 2 files included (the submit request form, and the resulting emailed request form) can be easily edited with a text editor like notepad. The customizations are numbered in the file with specific directions to help you along, and shouldn't take more than 10-20 minutes to fully customize. Your host will have more information on how to upload the files onto your host server, so that you can have them functional within minutes.

Pet Taxi Service Request Word, 1 page

Vacation Log → Pet Sitter will put a new entry into this log sheet during each visit to a client’s home. Most clients just love to read about how you spent time with their “kid” when they return home from their trip, and how great yet unique their pet was while they were away. Word, 1 page.

Client Payment Receipt → Word, 1 page.

Daily / Periodic Daytime Care Thank You / Client Evaluation form Questionnaire to be periodically filled out by daily care clients. Includes request for use as a referral in the future and referral contact information. Word, 1 page.

Vacation Care Thank You - Call Us / Client Evaluation → Questionnaire clients can fill out after service is complete. Includes request for use as a referral in the future and referral contact information. Word, 1 page.

Miscellaneous Pet Sitting Customized Forms

Visitor Instructions Poster → A 1 page document for your client to leave out  for alternate caregivers, other contracted help, and emergency personnel. Includes contact information, emergency instructions, and important reminders (don’t accidentally lock the cat in the closet!). The cute use of clip-art makes this my favorite item. . Word.

Suggested Leave-Out Item Checklist with final reminders → Prints as page 2 of Visitor Instructions Poster. Word, 1 page.

Phone Message Form → Detailed enough for your family to answer the phone without forgetting to ask for all important information.

Daily Business Management Tools

Weekly Schedule Forms → Your calendar, the most prized item you carry around! Be sure to write all cancellations, extra time spent, and notes on here. Be diligent right from day one! It'll really help when you go back to correct billing errors and credit clients later. I even track my daily mileage on my calendar - it really is both the schedule & diary of my daily service. Customize to reflect your busiest/slowest times, and change it as your business grows. Similar appearance to Outlook week style. Excel based.

Daily Schedule Forms → Today’s schedule & notes. Excel

Payment Log Workbook → Keep accurate track of all payments received.  Calculates page & workbook totals.  Excel
Ledger Log Workbook → Use this simple workbook if you are not quite ready for Quickbooks or Peachtree to track your deposits & expenses.  A great alternative to hardcopy logs, or print blanks to use as hardcopies.  Excel

Mileage Tracker → Simple worksheet. Excel.

Analysis Tools

Travel Cost Analysis Tools → Very detailed ways to see how much of your earnings is going towards gas and other car expenses.  Compare actual gas cost to IRS standard optional mileage allowance based on your car's mpg usage, average miles per day, current gas prices, and more. 

Rate Estimator Put in how many days per week and hours per day you'd like to work, how much you'd like to make, how much you plan to travel, and other details, and this tool will estimate how much you should charge per visit on average. Great for calculating reasonable but profitable visit prices and travel fees.  

Start Up Business Guides

All About Pet Sitting

All About Pet Sitting is our collection of the best pet sitting advice and information.  All About Pet Sitting includes guides for setting up and running your business.  It also includes a long list of frequently asked questions, with detailed answers and many web links for finding more information.  There is another section with survey results from various online message boards to common pet sitter questions. 

All About Pet Sitting is updated frequently with new questions, new information, and new items.  We take questions asked by past purchasers and add them as frequently as possible.

Some topics include:

How To Name Your Business - Detailed document → specifically for pet sitting businesses. Lists of keyword suggestions and words to avoid. Links to name lists, trademarked name searches, and more.

Top Marketing Methods for Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Business Beginners - Detailed document → Based on personal experience, research, and surveys of other pet sitters.  7 major marketing tips, followed by over 30 great marketing ideas (most inexpensive and many free), and finished with a spreadsheet you can use to track your marketing work.

Press Release Writing - Detailed document → A great way to get free positive publicity in your local newspapers.

During Sit Detailed Checklist - A detailed checklist of all tasks to do during every sit.

Phone Answering Tips & Selling Point Narrative, and Tips - The best narrative for winning new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions, Including

Income Expected

ICs (Independent Contractors) instead of Employees

Licensing and Permits

Insurance, Bonding - including a comparison chart you won't find elsewhere!  *** NO INSURANCE is included with membership.  NO insurance is available through PUPS.

Major Pet Sitter Organizations

Pet Sitter Certification

Bartering for Services

....And More!

Business Plan Guide - Detailed document → specifically for pet sitting businesses.  Blank outline will help you to create a detailed, complete, professional business plan.
Beginner Website E-Booklet → An e-book purchased from Bina Omar. A good way to get started thinking about your future web page. Free for redistribution. An exe – no software needed.

Guides and Miscellaneous Extras

Pet Clip Art & Business Card Backgrounds → Mostly jpg, bmp.

Recipes → PDF books, Word documents, and electronic E-Books. 7 Cat books (diets, meals, treats, gift ideas), 2 horse books (homemade sprays and treats), 2 large dog treat books, and a few other items. Includes healthy food lists, tips, gift ideas, recipes for sprays & home remedies. Recipes include full resell rights, so you can distribute to your clients as inexpensive gifts. Or you can start a Pet Bakery side business and make some quick extra cash!

Top Pet Service Internet Search Sites → A list of over 100 places to list pet sitting, dog walking, and poop scooping businesses.  Many free!

Web Links List for Pet Sitting Beginners and Experts → Huge detailed list of where to find the absolute lowest online prices, insurance, web hosts/design/templates, business & pet information, pet sitting resources, memberships, support groups, and much more. Save money & time right from the start!  And help your new clients save money and find supplies they didn't know existed.

Character Clip Art Instructions Use default system font characters for your clip art and save on printing costs! Doggies, kitties, and more!
Emergency Card Template Make wallet sized business cards for your clients to carry.  It lets emergency personnel know there are pets at home that will need care.  Great as gifts - customize with pictures you take of their pets.  Excel based, 10 per sheet.
Save Our Pets Template Make customized "Save Our Pet" cards for your clients to hang in windows or outside their homes in case of fire or other natural disasters.   Very pleasing to clients because they include their pet's photos and are completely customized and typed (no need to write on these).


Marketing and Advertising Templates

Business Card Templates → Make your own full color Business Cards. Includes front & backside templates, blank and full color designs; MS Word or Publisher.

Brochure Templates → Info packed brochures used by our business, included to help spark ideas and provide an outline and information for your brochure.  MS Word and Publisher.

Magnet Templates → Save money by printing your own magnets. Use "mini" magnets and make up to 15 magnets per $1.00 sheet! At least 2 templates with full color images. Links in Web Links document for purchasing inkjet ready printable magnet paper at about $1 per sheet. Microsoft Publisher format.

News Release →  Customize and submit to your local newspapers.  Often results in a free article and personal interview about your new business.

Promotional Signs → Full color signs to hang at businesses.  Microsoft Word

Informational Marketing → Item such as "Pet Poisons" summary brochure and "How to introduce a new cat to your current Cats" full document that you can customize and place at humane societies and other pet businesses to spread your name on items people like to pick up and take home, and share with friends & family.  Microsoft Word or Microsoft.

Updates & Other Items!

All other new items & future added files and updates are added directly to the same online archive, so you will be able to access them even when added after your purchase. An UPDATES file lists all changes to the archive, so you can just check there periodically for new items that may interest you. All for no extra charge!

Formats  - Documents are Word, Excel, PDF, Publisher, and HTML Compatible Items
as listed above

Forms provided are electronic and FULLY editable & customizable if you have the right editing software.  The forms can be printed on your home printer, or sent to a professional printer.  Printed hardcopies or PDFs may also be available as an add-on - contact us before purchasing to discuss this option.

Microsoft Word & Excel, or Compatible Freeware
You will want to have Microsoft Word or another compatible Office application (many of which are available for FREE). Currently the Word based forms are in available in two Word formats so that they are compatible with both new and older versions of Word. 

Some of the tools (Scheduling sheets, mileage tracking, etc) are based in Microsoft Excel so you will want to have Excel (or the compatible freeware) also.

A list of web links to download free office-compatible software (Word, Excel, PDF & Image editors) programs is included with your purchase.    Links for Mac user free office-compatible software are also available.

The latest versions of of the Service Request and a few other forms are also available as HTML documents so that they could be modified by web programmers and placed online. To view or print any html file, simply open it in Internet Explorer or Netscape. Basic users can customize html files by simply changing the business name in the file, and renaming your logo file. Simple changes such as this can be done using Notepad, or any HTML / Text editing tool.   The recommend editing HTML tool for formatting or large scale changes is Microsoft's Front Page.

***For those that do not feel comfortable editing HTML, (non-HTML) MS Word versions of these forms are also included (appearance varies).

Marketing items have been added. Some of these take advantage of the special features that are offered by the Microsoft Publisher format.  However, most of these items are also available as Word documents.

The bonus recipe books and a few other items that do not require customization or editing are available as PDFs.

Large Picture of Pet Sitter Forms

These files & documents are perfect because they are completely customizable. I have been told by past purchasers (including other pet sitting form-sellers on Ebay - check the feedback they left for me!) that they are much more complete and professional looking than anything else they could find anywhere or make themselves.

Many other forms available for sale elsewhere are developed by people with little or no experience pet sitting for a profit - and they just aren't organized in a practical, efficient manner. we developed these when we could not find anything ourselves that was complete enough, or that fit on the fewest sheets possible (NO client wants to fill out 30 pages every time they book a visit!!! Don't ask for information you already have again and again!).   These forms have been edited thousands of times to make them the best they can be based on our experiences.

Make sure you get a preview of any seller's forms before you buy them. Good forms need to be flowing, professional, AND complete. Also, be sure that your seller is a pet sitter or dog walker, as it does take real experience to learn how to organize good forms, including what to put in and what to leave out. Lastly, make sure there is a space and instructions on how to CUSTOMIZE the forms YOURSELF with your business name and logo, as well as other changes required for your needs. There is nothing worse then being stuck with something that doesn't grow with your business! Or even worse - doesn't work with your software!

View Samples

You are also welcome to view selected sample packets of our most current files in PDF format at . The forms you purchase will be fully customizable (unlike the view-only samples here), in separate files for each form, and all references to Happy At Home and PUPS have been removed except for the tiny copyright message at the bottom of some forms. There is a placeholder for your logo alongside your business name. This purchase includes use by your pet sitting business and its employees. Form formats / templates are non-transferable to ICs or other businesses, even if customized. Copyright infringement of any sort will not be tolerated and we do periodic searches for possible theft of our materials. We put a lot of work into making these available cheaply for everyone - please respect our efforts!

Style & Design

The files are created with very little color, and condensed to as few sheets as possible (as professional formatting would allow) in order to conserve paper and ink - an important feature for beginning sitters! The packets included are set up to be printed 2 sided to save more paper, or 1 sided if you prefer this format.

Be sure to check out our new style also.  It includes full color headings that allow you to easily locate the correct form in a hurry.  You will be able to access all the forms in both formats.

Large Picture of Pet Sitter Forms


No items are shipped with Basic Membership, as the files will be available for you to download*.

For those members who choose CD membership, shipping and handling of the CD is already included in the price listed above.  No other items will be mailed.  Expedited shipping is not available, and all CDs are shipped via USPS first class mail.


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Still have questions?  Feel free to email us.  We read email very often!    

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